“Drag Teen”–Review

51uPedQ0VaL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_When life gets ugly, don’t wig out.  Drag it up.

This is the story of JT, an high school student who’s lived with a lifetime of insecurities and fears he’s doomed to live in Florida forever, working at his family’s gas station.  High school is coming to an end, yet he can’t afford to go to college.  His anti-supportive parents, including his part-time job, can’t pay for a tuition.  What adds to his insecurities is that his boyfriend, Seth, seems to have it all together and has a bright future ahead of him.

Just when he thinks he’s run out of options, JT learns of an opportunity from the Miss Drag Teen USA pageant in New York City, which will offer a full scholarship to the winner. Although JT wants to do it, he has a fear of failure, especially because he was booed off the stage during a school talent show.  But it is Seth who gives JT that push he needs.  After being convinced, JT, Seth, and their best friend, Heather, embark on a road trip to the Big Apple.  No matter how complicated it all becomes, JT is determined to become the next Miss Drag Teen and win his ticket to freedom.

This was a great story.  I enjoyed the whole idea of a road trip and the excitement of entering New York.  I’ve never been to New York, but I hope to see it, one day.  What I also liked about the story was Seth’s positive attitude.  He believes that, no matter, anything is possible.  Well, I won’t spoil anything for you, so I’ll just encourage you to get a copy of this book.  Feel free to post your comments.

Drag Teen, by Jeffery Self, will be available on April 26, 2016.

Happy reading!

*I received this advance copy from Scholastic, Inc., in a giveaway, for an honest review.

About the author: Jeffery Self is a writer, actor, and vlogger.  He’s appeared in numerous movies and TV shows, including 30 Rock, Desperate Housewives, and 90210.  Drag Teen is his first YA novel.  You can check him out on Twitter.


“Most Wanted”–Review

41y7VzBGw9L._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_Donor 3319.  Tall.  Blonde.  Blue eyes.  Medical Student.  Wanted for Murder.

For quite some time, Christine Nilsson and her husband, Marcus, have tried to get pregnant.  After going from one appointment to the other with specialists, research, and therapy, Christine and Marcus finally decide to seek a donor.

After two months, Christine is finally pregnant.  She’s happy and ready to start a family.  But during her farewell party at her school—where she teaches literacy to children—she sees on the news a young, blond man being arrested for a series of murders.  What shocks Christine is that the man has an uncanny resemblance to her donor.  Christine soon becomes obsessed with the man accused of murder, leading her to play detective to uncover the truth for the sake of her unborn child.

I wasn’t that big a fan during the first half of the story; however, once I got toward the middle, it started to get better.  More tension was created and I liked the big risk that Christine was taking, not just for the sake of the murder victims and that her marriage was in trouble, but for the sake of her baby’s future.  Although I wasn’t crazy about the story, I did like the conflict.  It’s definitely worth the read.

Most Wanted, by Lisa Scottoline, is available now.  Feel free to post your comments.

Happy reading!

*I received this copy from St. Martin’s Press, in a giveaway, for an honest review.

Festival of Books

12967372_1032879473470381_6543750973546112199_oHello bloggers!  I’m just doing a Throwback Thursday post from the Festival of Books, which happened this past weekend.  I love to attend every year.  I attended Day 1.  Although it’s usually hot during the festival, this time, it rained.  Nevertheless, dozens of people showed up and everyone was happy.  And because it wasn’t cold, I was happy.

20160413_151319During my first stop, I received these two, signed books.  Take Your Power Back just might be helpful for my novel-in-progress, so I’m glad I stopped by.  Editing is a bonus, as well.  We writers could use books like this.

20160409_122710While wandering, I heard an interview over some blaring speakers, so I had to see what the excitement was about.  That’s when I remembered The Property Brothers were speaking.  I’ve never seen their show, but I’ve heard good reviews.  (Sorry I couldn’t get a clear picture.  My camera isn’t that great.)


Of course, one of the reasons I wanted to attend was to meet author Jennifer Brody, who was happy to sign my Launch Team Advance Copy.  We had a nice chat and she told me how excited she was that the word was spreading about her debut novel, The 13th Continuum.


It was a pleasure to meet Jennifer Brody. (right)

I look forward to next year’s book fest.

“The 13th Continuum”–Review

51qc2LWVmsL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Hello, Sci-Fi/YA fans!  Jennifer Brody’s debut novel, The 13th Continuum, will soon be available and I’m happy to share this review.

The 13th Continuum is the first book in the Continuum trilogy.  The story begins one thousand years after a cataclysmic event leaves humanity on the verge of extinction.  Until Earth is safe enough to inhabit, chosen survivors have taken refuge in continuums—in outer space, underground, and the bottom of the ocean—designed to sustain the human race.

Residing in the underwater 13th Continuum is Myra Jackson, who has always heard rumors of a place known as the Surface—provided with fresh air, stars, trees, etc.  It’s everything Myra’s ever dreamed outside of her totalitarian life.  Talking about the Surface, however, is strictly forbidden and punishable by execution—by orders of Padre Flavius, the Head Priest of The Church of the Oracle of the Sea.  With Padre Flavius and his Patrollers keeping a close eye on everyone, no one is safe.  Residents fear being cast out to the Holy Sea.  But when Myra learns of a secret that determines the fate of everyone in the continuum, she and her friends risk everything for their freedom and to return to their rightful home: the Surface.

This is my first Sci-Fi read and I must say I enjoyed it.  At first, I didn’t know what to expect.  Many scenes made me mad, while other scenes made me sad for particular characters.  I’m looking forward to the second book, which will be available on November 2016.  If you’re new to YA Sci-Fi, you just might enjoy this book.  Feel free to post your comments.

Happy reading!

*I received this copy from Turner Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

The 13th Continuum will be available on April 19, 2016.

About the author: Jennifer Brody is a member of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America. She lives and writes in LA.  After studying film at Harvard University, she began her career in Hollywood. Highlights include working for Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes and New Line Cinema, most notably on The Lord of the Rings films and The Golden Compass. In 2008, she produced the film Make It Happen for The Weinstein Company. She is an alumna of the Sirenland Writers Conference, Tin House Summer Writers Workshop, The Lemon Tree House Residency for Writers, and has been accepted for a residency at the Helen R. Whiteley Center, run by the University of Washington. She founded and runs BookPod, a social media platform for authors. She’s also a volunteer mentor for the Young Storytellers Foundation and a writing instructor at The Writing Pad.

You can find her online at: