“The Longest Night”–Review

5156n4P+U+L._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_Hello, fellow bloggers!  Here is a new review of The Longest Night, by Andria Williams.

It is the year 1959, in the height of the Cold War. Nat Collier is a military wife and mother. Her husband, Paul Collier, is an Army Specialist. After Paul receives an assignment at a nuclear reactor station, he and Nat and their two daughters move from Southern California to Idaho Falls, where Nat’s perfect life no longer exists. Idaho Falls isn’t anything like California, which has always been home to Nat. Not only is the climate different, Nat feels she isn’t able to fit in with the other Army wives.

Meanwhile, Paul discovers at the station that the reactor core has been compromised, which could place many families in danger. While Paul worries and tries to keep Nat in the dark about the situation, his superiors assure him that everything is fine. Paul isn’t convinced, however.

While Paul carries on with the crisis at the nuclear reactor, Nat tends to the house and her daughters. Still, she is lonely and restless. Fitting in with the other wives is a struggle. And then she meets Esrom.

I did like the idea of this story of a military family. The dialogue was great, as well. Not only were the main characters in danger due to a compromised reactor core, a marriage also was in danger of failing. It was during a crisis where Nat had to decide what was important and how far she’d go to protect her loved ones.

The Longest Night will be available on January 19, 2016. For more info on the author, click here.

Happy reading!