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Review of “Q & A a Day”

9780307719775I’ve been a journal writer since I was in elementary school.  In fact, I wrote every day, about anything and everything.  The sight of new journals and notebooks always excited me and still do.  This time, I’ve decided to try a five-year journal.

Q & A a Day is a five-year journal, containing 365 questions.  It’s a great way to record your thoughts on random questions–such as “How much time do you spend commuting?”, “What are you reading right now?”, “How hungry are you right now?”, etc.  Each year, your answers evolve as you continue to answer–or not answer–these random questions.

I’m enjoying this journal and I look forward to the results.  Also, I love the cover, including the gold outlining of the pages.  I, definitely, recommend this for everyone.  In fact, I recommend journal-writing altogether.

FTC: I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.