“Mother, Mother”–A Review

9780385347259_p0_v1_s260x420Meet Josephine Hurst, a mother of two beautiful daughters, an intelligent son, and her tech-guru husband, Douglas. As long as everything is under her control, Josephine’s family is picture perfect in their historical landmark home. The Hurst family couldn’t be anything below that. Keeping the entire family intact, however, isn’t an easy task for Josephine. Her controlling ways take a toll on the rest of the family when Josephine’s oldest daughter, Rose, runs away with a mysterious boyfriend. The Hurst home becomes a prison as the remaining family members continue to ask about Rose.
Tension continues to build as the youngest daughter, Violet—a Buddhist who has turned to Eastern philosophy—winds up in a psychiatric ward for her abusing hallucinogenic drugs. Violet’s brother, Will, has been diagnosed with Asperger’s. He also is homeschooled and in a world of self-doubt. The more time that he spends with his mother, the more he is unable to break free of the spell she has him under. Josephine’s husband, Douglas, is not only distant from the family, he is escaping his reality with alcohol.
Josephine does her best to keep the family struggles in the dark; however, when she receives a visit from Child Protective Services due to a violent incident, she works harder to make sure that the law is always on her side—no matter what the cost.
“Mother, Mother”—by Koren Zailckas—is a haunting story of family and a mother’s love that goes too far.
This story definitely was a nail-biter. Josephine’s character was convincing. I’d say that she’s the kind of person a reader could love to hate. She’s conniving, manipulative, and verbally abusive. Although the story didn’t end the way I’d hoped, I liked that it wasn’t too predictable. I was hoping for a little more; however, I think that it was worth reading. It was disturbing and I think that this is a great read for fans of psychological thrillers. Feel free to post your thoughts.
Happy reading!

FTC Disclosure: I received this free copy from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review. The opinions are based on my own experience.