Festival of Books

12967372_1032879473470381_6543750973546112199_oHello bloggers!  I’m just doing a Throwback Thursday post from the Festival of Books, which happened this past weekend.  I love to attend every year.  I attended Day 1.  Although it’s usually hot during the festival, this time, it rained.  Nevertheless, dozens of people showed up and everyone was happy.  And because it wasn’t cold, I was happy.

20160413_151319During my first stop, I received these two, signed books.  Take Your Power Back just might be helpful for my novel-in-progress, so I’m glad I stopped by.  Editing is a bonus, as well.  We writers could use books like this.

20160409_122710While wandering, I heard an interview over some blaring speakers, so I had to see what the excitement was about.  That’s when I remembered The Property Brothers were speaking.  I’ve never seen their show, but I’ve heard good reviews.  (Sorry I couldn’t get a clear picture.  My camera isn’t that great.)


Of course, one of the reasons I wanted to attend was to meet author Jennifer Brody, who was happy to sign my Launch Team Advance Copy.  We had a nice chat and she told me how excited she was that the word was spreading about her debut novel, The 13th Continuum.


It was a pleasure to meet Jennifer Brody. (right)

I look forward to next year’s book fest.


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