Learning Something New

Good evening, fellow WordPress fans.  I hope you all are having a great Memorial Day.

While doing a bit of spring cleaning, this morning, I just happened to come across some written materials I had stashed away with the rest of my books and other junk.  I looked through the notebook, which is filled with Norwegian words and phrases, and realized that I want to get back to learning the language.  Just recently, I talked to an acquaintance and remembered that he really loved learning different languages.  He would learn, at least, one word and phrase a day.  I’ve realized that I ought to do the same.

Sure, we all have obligations and tell ourselves that we “just don’t have the time.”  However, I say that we just have to make a little time.  It may not be easy for everyone, but it’s worth a try.  For example, if you want to learn to play an instrument, practice for twenty minutes a day.  The same can be applied to learning another language or two.  Sometimes we just have to have a little time for ourselves, right?

I recall the first time I decided to learn to speak Mandarin–back in 2002, maybe?  I can’t remember.  I did sign up for a course and I remember my being told the typical “You’re not going to China.  Why are you taking that class?”  Hmm.  It’s probably because I just wanted to learn the language.  There’s no harm in that, after all.  It’s been a few years since I’ve studied Mandarin, so I’ll have to study it all over again.  But that’s okay.  I’ve also taught myself a few Swiss words and phrases, including Norwegian, which I’ve mentioned earlier.

The point is that one shouldn’t learn a language just for the sake of traveling.  In fact, don’t let others discourage you about traveling to certain countries.  We all learn a language for many reasons.  Whatever the reasons are, learning a different language can be fun and good for the brain.  As I’ve mentioned earlier, we just need to make a little time for ourselves, regardless of our obligations.  Besides, it may just benefit you.


Hello, all.

It’s great to be here.  As you can see, I’m new to the world of blogging, so it may take quite a bit of time for me to get adjusted to all this.  I will give it my all, however.  I’m always excited about new writing opportunities.  I, especially, love journal-writing, which I’ve been doing since I was in the fifth or sixth grade.  In fact, I believe that everyone ought to keep a journal.  After all, in the future, you may end up browsing through some old entries that could really benefit you.  I know I’ve been there, myself.  Poetry is another great form of expression, including a great gift to share with others.

I hope to, one day, have my own book of poems, including my own fiction novels.  It’ll take some time, but the important thing is to not give up.  Throughout my writing career, I’ve learned that in order to be a better writer, not only do you have to write a lot, you have to read a lot.  To be honest, I’m reading a few books at a time; it’s overwhelming, but I can’t complain.  Reading is great.  For all you aspiring writers, don’t give up.  Writing is hard work, definitely, and it takes a lot of time, but it’s worth it.