“The Setup Man”–Review

51u8oWwsarL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Whether you’re a baseball fan or not, this is some good detective/mystery fiction.

In The Setup Man, Johnny Adcock is an aging pitcher for the Major Leagues, along with a perfect retirement plan: working as a private investigator.  With the brain and brawn, Johnny knows Major League Baseball is a good source of employment while, at the same time, handling the unique problems of professional athletes.  Baseball salaries have always attracted gangsters, hustlers, and predators of all types who prey on the players’ egos.  When players, coaches, agents, or wives have problems they don’t want to make public, to whom do they turn?  Johnny Adcock.

While on the bus, after a game, Johnny’s teammate, Frankie Herrera, confides in Johnny that he has a “problem with his wife.”  Johnny takes on the case, assuming it’s just another marital issue, which can be common with athletes’ spouses.  The case becomes dangerous when Frankie winds up dead in a car accident, leaving too many unanswered questions.

The case takes Johnny into dangerous territory, stumbling upon a deadly ring of murder, porn, Mexican cartels, and a conspiracy that may threaten to become the biggest scandal to hit Major League Baseball.

Ballplayers lead exciting lives, don’t they?  Once I got toward the middle of this book, I had to keep reading.  I enjoyed the narration, including the dialogue.  I like how fast-paced it was, how it all just got to the point.  Should you read this book, as always, let me know what you think.

Up next, I’ll be reading Double Switch, the follow-up to The Setup Man.  I’ll keep you updated.  Happy reading!

About the author: T.T. Monday lives in San Jose, California.  The Setup Man is his first thriller.  For more info, click here.


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