“How To Be a Grown-Up”–A Review

Bestselling authors Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus introduce the readers to a new novel about a forty-something wife and mother who has to take on a new job in a narcissistic world with a boss who is half her age.

In How To Be a Grown-Up, the main character is Rory McGovern, a mother of two and the wife of Blake Turner, an out-of-work child actor with hopes that his acting career will take off once again.  But when the family is running out of money for rent, food, and bills, it is Rory who takes charge by taking on a full time job.  Once Rory is officially a full time employee for a digital high-end site for kids’ lifestyles, Blake decides that he needs to take a break from parental and household responsibilities, leaving Rory with a full time job, as well as the parental responsibilities of juggling the kids’ school projects, flu seasons, and pajama days.

Meanwhile, Rory has to face days at the office where she works under two twenty-somethings.  The company has been given millions of dollars from venture capitalists to back up the idea of the digital media site.  These girls, apparently, think they know all when it comes to kids fashion—especially since neither girls nor most of the staff even have kids, or know anything about them, for that matter.  Nevertheless, Rory knows she is a great asset to the company and is determined to prove herself, all the while hoping that she can save her failing marriage.

I think this book was pretty good and, honestly, the ending was not what I expected.  Of course, I won’t spoil it, but I will recommend it.  The book is now available and, as always, feel free to comment.

Happy reading!71ZVjHtlO2L


4 thoughts on ““How To Be a Grown-Up”–A Review

  1. libbycole007 says:

    This sounds interesting, you don’t hear much about these types of characters! I’ll bet there’s a lot of women who can identify with this.

  2. Selene says:

    I guess I need to read this book!

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