A Review of “The Fortune Hunter”

Hello, fellow bloggers!

Just recently, I’d received my copy of The Fortune Hunter, by Daisy Goodwin.  At first, I wasn’t quite sure of what to expect from this story, but I read on, anyhow.

The story begins in England, in 1875.  Elizabeth, who is the Empress of Austria, travels from Vienna to England in order to pursue her passion for fox hunting.  Although the sport may not be appropriate for her title, Elizabeth still admires the sport that takes her away from the formal duties of an empress.

It is in England where Elizabeth meets Captain Bay Middleton, who is to accompany her as her pilot during their fox hunting.  Their relationship, eventually, becomes the talk of Europe.  Things become complicated as Bay and the Empress become closer.  Bay can’t help that he is in lust with the Empress.  She is beautiful, wealthy, and the envy of other women.  While Bay maintains his “professional” relationship with Elizabeth, he also is betrothed to Charlotte Baird, an heiress and aspiring photographer.

Because Bay Middleton has always been the “ladies man” type, Charlotte has been advised to not marry such a man, especially now that he is accompanying an Austrian empress.  Also, he was suspected of being a fortune hunter.  Charlotte, however, wants to believe the best in him, all the while focusing on her photography.  That’s something I definitely liked about her character; she didn’t play games.

I wasn’t too fond of Bay, in the beginning.  As you can see, he was juggling two women, who are rich and beautiful.  In the eyes of others, Bay is the fortune-hunter type.  He wanted to have his cake and eat it, sadly.  As I got to know Elizabeth more, I felt for her in some ways.  She’d married at the age of sixteen to the Emperor of Austria.  She became a mother and then a grandmother.  For years, she’d felt lonely and unfulfilled.  Fox hunting, including Bay Middleton, made her happy.  At the same time, though, she’d become clingy and demanding.  Bay was, eventually, on her beck and call.

I, too, started to think that should Bay keep up his lusting for the Empress and his engagement to Charlotte, he was going to get hurt.  Or was he?  I won’t give out the rest, though.  I can honestly say that I enjoyed the book.  I recommend it for anyone who is looking for a new read.

Happy reading, all!


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