“The Adversary”—A Review


Spiritual warfare is real.

And we are all involved whether we like it or not.  The Bible plainly tells us that Satan schemes against humanity and wants to devour us.  Daily we struggle against Satan’s strategies and his desire to take over God’s kingdom.  This battle will not go away, and ignoring it could be disastrous…

The Adversary: The Christian Versus Demon Activity, by Mark I. Bubeck, discusses the conflicts that many believers face today.  Oftentimes, they’ve asked themselves questions, such as:

  • What is Satan’s strategy in spiritual warfare?
  • Can a Christian be oppressed by demons?
  • What are the symptoms of demonic activity in a person’s life?
  • Can demonic affliction be passed down through family lines?

Throughout the book, Bubeck discusses spiritual warfare, as well as how to defeat your own demons when facing everyday struggles.  In Chapter 6–Understand and Don’t Be Afraid–the author discusses the topic of demonic possession.  This includes topics on demonic oppression, demonic obsession, willing possession, and unwilling possession.  Many people do believe in demonic possession, and some do not.  As interesting as the topic was, there was a particular passage in the chapter that I didn’t really agree with, however.  It read: “It is my conviction that no believer can be possessed by an evil spirit in the same sense that an unbeliever can.  In fact, I reject this term altogether when talking about a believer’s problem with the powers of darkness.  A believer may be afflicted or even controlled in certain areas of his being, but he can never be owned or totally controlled as an unbeliever can.”  We all are entitled to our opinions, but how can a nonbeliever really be controlled by something that doesn’t exist to him or her?

I’m not here to argue about this topic.  Honestly, this book isn’t for me–I’m not a religious person–but I think this is a recommended book for those who are interested in the topic of spiritual warfare.  Also, it may be beneficial for those who are looking for a particular self-help book.  Feel free to check it out and post your comments.

FTC Disclosure: I received this free copy from Moody Publishers for an honest review.  The opinions are based on my own experience.


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