It’s The Little Things That Matter

Hello bloggers.  As we’re coming closer to the upcoming new year, I’ve been creating a mental list of everything that I’ve done, what I haven’t done, as well as everything that I’d like to get done.  Throughout this current year, to be honest, I’ve gone through quite a few downfalls.  But who hasn’t, right?  In fact, there are others who are worse off.  That’s something I’ve often told myself.

I started to think about it all throughout my volunteering for the Adult Literacy Program.  When I’d first relocated to a more convenient location—which was during the summer—I grew nervous of the fact that I’d have to start over with a new student.  Since I’ve always been an introvert, I was afraid of having to make my first phone call to set up a quick, introductory meeting.  Nevertheless, I made the effort.  During our meeting, in person, my new student and I really got along.  We both talked about our backgrounds for a few minutes.  She told me that she’s been in the States for ten years and what she wants to accomplish while she’s in the program.  So far, everything worked out and we both were looking forward to our first session.

During our first session, my student introduced me to her husband and asked if he could join our session.  “Of course,” I’d told her politely.  He, too, has been in the States for about seven years and wanted to get some practice with reading and writing in English.  At the end of our first session, my student asked if I’d be available to include her husband in future lessons.  I politely accepted.

To this day—I believe it’s been over four months, now—I’ve been providing lessons and we all have had the opportunity to get to know each other a lot more.  They’ve told me that they’re really appreciative of my help.  My student had mentioned that—because of the shortage of tutors—she was on the waiting list for three months before I had come along.  I can’t imagine how difficult that is.

During our last meeting, my students welcomed me into their home for lunch and we all had a nice chat.  What really put a smile on my face was their telling me that they’re lucky to have me and that it’s hard to meet someone like me.  I practically blushed when I said, “I’m happy that I can help.”

As I think about all the clichéd New Year’s resolutions that I never took seriously, I realized that I did make a change for this coming new year.  I helped others.  They’ve put their trust in me and that’s what helped them to gain more confidence.  I’ve built a trusting relationship with them and that makes me confident.  It’s a fact that we all go through our own downfalls. Helping others, however, really can make a difference. It’s the little things that you do for others that makes them appreciative of you.

I look forward to what’s next.


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