“Dear So-and-So…”

I admit that I—including many—have become addicted to social networking.  In the beginning, I wasn’t all for the idea of creating an account.  Well, it’s been about two years since I’ve had an active Facebook account and I have to say that it does have its benefits on many occasions.  Of course, it has its cons—we all know that.

As I’ve said, there are many pros to the site.  I like when people share ideas, talk about their accomplishments, post a nice picture, share an article, etc.  It’s nice to see some positive ideas out there.

The cons, on the other hand, list too many examples to name.  Perhaps I’m exaggerating.  Anyhow, the most common statuses talk about the person’s boredom.  There also is the “I’m-hungry” status, including the “I’m-so-pissed” status.  They say these things, yet they don’t say what the real problem is.  Another fact is that many feel obligated to post their locations.  Why?  Who knows, really?  So a friend checked in at a local Starbucks.  Is something happening at Starbucks?  It doesn’t say.  I guess we’ll never know.  The list goes on.  Sadly, Facebook has become a personal journal.  Then, again, it isn’t so personal.

Regardless of the negative statuses, however, people have a right to post whatever they’d like as long as they’re not violating the site’s Code of Conduct.  What can we do, right?

Now let’s move on to the main part that’s been on my mind.  It may sound silly—I don’t know—but I’ve stumbled upon quite a few statuses where Facebook users have posted their rants, which usually start with “Dear so-and-so…”, which are angry, imaginary letters to a company or a random person who may have wronged them.  I can’t help finding these to be funny, sometimes, and I’ll think, “If you’re angry with this particular company, why not write to or call the company instead of Facebook?”  And the random people who have wronged the Facebook users are never identified.

Hey, I understand.  People want to rant or vent on occasions.  It’s normal.  However, some things are better off in private messages amongst close friends.  I know the routines won’t change, but that’s just my idea.  What do you think, fellow bloggers?


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