I Can’t Put These Books Down (Continued)

Hello, bloggers.  In my previous post, I spoke of the recommended books from the “Shopaholic” series.  First, there was Confessions of a Shopaholic, featuring Becky Bloomwood’s hilarious adventures in the world of high-end clothes, shoes, accessories, and all the must-haves that any woman would love to get her hands on.  In Becky’s world, “shopping is an investment.”  However, she can’t afford that kind of “investment,” since she’s thousands of pounds in debt and usually throws away every credit card bill that comes her way.  Things have to change, eventually, when a new, meaningful topic comes along and she has to act against Luke Brandon–the famous PR entrepreneur of Brandon Communications.  I won’t spoil it for you.

Second, there’s Shopaholic Takes Manhattan.  Becky and Luke Brandon are dating.  Not only is business going well for Luke’s firm, Becky is a financial advisor for a TV show, The Morning Coffee.  Eventually, Luke receives a business offer in New York and he asks Becky to go with him.  The New York life is great for Becky, as she’s surrounded by all the high-end clothing stores and Park Avenue penthouses.  Meanwhile, Luke remains caught up in his work.  However, stories begin to unravel that could pose a threat to Becky’s relationship with Luke and his career, her job, and her financial history.  This is a recommended read.

The third book in the series is Shopaholic Ties the KnotBecky and Luke are living in New York and everything is great.  Meanwhile, back in London, Becky’s best friend Suze is getting married.  Sure enough, to Becky’s surprise, Luke proposes.  Becky’s parents immediately handle all the wedding preparations for a beautiful, backyard wedding in  England.  However, Becky is under pressure when Luke’s high-society mother, Elinor, offers an all-expenses-paid wedding at the Plaza Hotel in New York.  Both weddings sound great, so how can she choose one without hurting the other?  Read on to find out more.

The next one is Shopaholic & Sister.  After taking a year off for their honeymoon, Becky Brandon and her husband, Luke, are back in London.  Becky can’t help feeling excited to tell everyone about her round-the-world honeymoon.  Luke, however, is at his wit’s end after he’s discovered the amount of souvenirs Becky has brought back home.  Not only did she spend so much, the stuff is accumulating in their home.  Becky’s excitement, eventually, fades when she realizes that she and Luke don’t  get the welcoming she’d hoped for when they’d returned from their honeymoon.  Also, she discovers that Suze has a new, close friend, leaving Becky feeling bummed.  However, Becky’s parents give her some news.  She has a long-lost, half-sister.  As Becky tries to bond with her new sister, Jess, she starts to realize that they’re just two, very different people and that Jess doesn’t see any point in bonding with a family that she never knew.  What shocks Becky the most is Jess’s hatred toward shopping.  Nevertheless, Becky is determined to show Jess that they can be sisters and that they are alike, no matter what anyone says.

Up next is Shopaholic & Baby.  It’s official.  Becky and Luke are going to be parents.  While Luke is in the process of buying a house, Becky can’t help feeling excited as she envisions introducing her new baby to all the high-end baby clothes, shoes, and expensive baby carriers.  She’s also excited about her new celebrity obstetrician, Venetia Carter.  However, it all comes crashing down when Becky finds out that Venetia is Luke’s ex-girlfriend.  Now Becky can’t help wondering if Venetia poses a threat to her marriage.  I’d recommend this book, so read on.

Last, but not least, is Mini Shopaholic.  It’s two years later.  Becky, Luke, and their two-year-old daughter, Minnie, are living with Becky’s parents.  Apparently, every deal for a home fell through.  Becky does her best to remain positive as she struggles to get an out-of-control Minnie to behave.  Minnie wreaks havoc everywhere she goes and shouts “Mine!” for every possession she gets her hands on.  When a big, financial crisis comes along, everyone is forced to cut back.  Then Becky decides to plan a surprise party to lift everyone’s spirits.  The only problem is that she has to do it on a budget.  When she realizes how much the preparations will cost her, she has to decide whether to accept help from an unexpected source.

There you have it.  I’ve finished reading the entire series.  I really enjoyed every character’s story, conflict, and the quirks that came with it.  I’ll keep you all posted for other, recommended books.


2 thoughts on “I Can’t Put These Books Down (Continued)

  1. Cassie says:

    I love reading the Shopaholic series on the beach in the summer. So fun!

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