I Was Hoping for More

Good afternoon, bloggers.  Some of you may have come across one of my previous posts, “My Similarity to Bella Swan.”  Yes, I was mainly pointing out how she and I are a bit alike, which I found quite humorous.  Also, I was curious about the “Twilight” saga, so I started reading it.  The first book, as I’ve mentioned, wasn’t too bad.  However, I was hoping for a little more scenes with the antagonists.  Yes, it is a love story, but I needed a little more.

“New Moon” was just okay.  Indeed, it was sad that Edward parted from Bella for her own safety, which drove her to the solace of her werewolf friend, Jacob Black.  Break-ups suck, after all.  Much like the ending of the previous book, “New Moon” had an okay ending.  The antagonists–the Volturi–were a bit convincing, but their scene wasn’t long enough.  All it pointed out was Bella’s promise of immortality within one year–which Edward was opposed to–or she’d suffer the consequences.  After all, vampires weren’t allowed to expose their identities to humans.  Humans had to join them or die, if they’d figure them out.

As for “Eclipse,” I have to admit that that one was a little better.  Edward and Bella were back together, but the rivalry between the Cullens and the werewolf treaty continued.  Eventually, the Cullens were able to come to a truce with Jacob and his treaty, since human lives were at stake due to random murders.  I started to like where it was going, especially because this book let the reader get to know the characters more and understand where they all came from before their immortalities.

Last, but not least, is “Breaking Dawn.”  There were wedding bells for Edward and Bella.  Then came the honeymoon…followed by an unexpected pregnancy.  Let’s make a long story short.  Bella finally got what she wanted, to be an immortal vampire with her husband, Edward.  A permanent truce was made between the Cullen family and Jacob’s treaty.  I must say that the ending to this book left me disappointed, though.  Assuming that Edward’s and Bella’s half-human/half-immortal child posed a threat to their kind, the Volturi plotted to attack the Cullens for their supposed crime.  I thought, “Yes, there’s finally going to be a fight.”  It was going to be the Cullens and the treaty, fighting against the most powerful vampire clan…but it didn’t happen.  Looks like Carlisle and Esme got what they’d hoped for…peace among their kind.

I suppose that that was the idea behind the story, though.  Not only is it a love story, it is about family, sacrifice, and survival.  Honestly, I felt bad for Jacob.  Although he came to a truce with the vampires and became a part of the family, he still loved Bella, regardless of her choice.  Also, throughout my reading the books, I wondered what was going to happen to Charlie, Bella’s dad.  Sure, he took part in the wedding.  He became a grandpa, as well.  Although it could put Charlie in danger, would Bella ever tell him about her new life?  Was her act selfish in any way?  To Bella, however, her decision was worth it.

This blog isn’t to bash the books.  Other readers enjoy them and the saga did become successful, so good work to Stephanie Meyer.  I just wanted a little more, that’s all.


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