Review of “The Greening”

“What if a book could answer all your deepest questions…if you were willing to risk everything?”

In “The Greening,” by Margaret Coles, the main character, Joanna, is a Fleet Street journalist who happens to stumble upon the journal of a mysterious woman, named Anna Leigh.  The journal entries are mainly a confessional of her own encounters with Julian of Norwich.  Julian of Norwich was a woman from the mid-fourteenth century who devoted her life to prayer for the community.  Anna’s entries mention that Julian recorded all the messages she’d received from visions of the crucifixion.

Joanna is immediately astonished by Julian’s and Anna’s quests to find the answers that will lead to peace and happiness.  As she is drawn to the journal entries, Joanna wonders if one would have to endure pain and suffering in order to achieve happiness and peace, as she, too, struggles to find her own happiness.  She believes that the only way to know would be to find Anna.  However, Anna isn’t anywhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Joanna struggles with a choice she has to make while she is caught up in getting a story that involves an exposed government scandal where someone she loves may be involved.

To be honest, I am neither spiritual, nor am I religious.  However, I did enjoy reading this book.  The story had quite a few sad moments and I had to keep reading in order to find out if the main character would be able to make peace with her own conflicts during her quest for happiness.  Indeed, I would recommend this book.

FTC Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post.  I received the book from Hay House for review purposes.  The opinions are completely my own, based on my experience.  8d0ea256d06b4618b6af09a120855f98


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