“Becoming Indigo”

Indigo“Once you open up your heart, you are going to figure out what you are supposed to do.”

“Becoming Indigo”–by Tara Taylor and Laura Schultz Nicholson–is the story of Indigo Russell, who is fresh out of high school and living an independent life in her new apartment in downtown Ottawa with her two close friends.  The story takes place during the summertime, filled with partying, music, and boys.

While her friends and classmates are preparing to head off to college, Indie is undecided with any plans for her life as she continues to hold down her job to pay the rent.  Meanwhile, she becomes distracted on a daily basis when she starts to hear voices in the apartment.  She begins to wonder if the apartment, itself, is haunted or if there is more to it.

While she attempts to control her psychic abilities, she develops a close bond with a guy named Paul.  Not long after that, Indie’s first boyfriend, John, comes back into her life and makes a mess of everything.

Eventually, Indie meets Annabelle, a woman who shares the same, psychic abilities and teaches Indie to use tarot and oracle cards.  While getting in touch with her supernatural abilities, and facing heartache and danger, Indie is taught to follow her intuition and discover who she should trust.

As I started reading toward the middle of the story, I couldn’t really put it down.  I kept telling myself that I have to know what else happens.  This book, I believe, is a great, recommended read for the Young Adult audience.  Whether you believe in the truth behind tarot and oracle cards or not, I believe that this book is worth reading.  What I also liked is that the story wasn’t predictable.  The ending, in fact, made me smile a little.  The authors did a great job.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review.  The opinion in the review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.


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