Politely Refuse

As hot as it has been, today, I decided to just drive out to the park for a little quiet time.  After all, we do need our privacy every now and then.  I usually like to take a book, including a notebook, when I go out during the day.  You never know, you may end up in a situation that involves having to pass the time for any reason.

While I was at the park, catching up on some reading, a random guy asked me what I was reading.  He said he asked because he rarely sees anyone with a book in hand, nowadays, because of technology addicts.  So it was good to know that someone else felt the same way I did.

After he moved on, I continued to read.  Not long after that, another random guy approaches me and says, “Can I ask you something?”

“Yes?” I replied, looking up at him.  This guy looked a little younger than I.

After a brief hesitation, he said, “I was wondering if, maybe, you want to come and smoke weed.”

I looked at him and replied, “Thanks, but I don’t smoke.”

He said, “Okay, I was just wondering,” and walked away to meet his friend.

As I went back to reading, in my head, I was laughing.  I don’t know if that was some kind of pick-up line, but it was still funny.  In a way, the question seemed a little insulting.  It’s one thing if he were to ask if I smoked, but he just assumed that I did.  I could have just glared at him and said, “Do I look like I do that stuff?”  But I didn’t.  It wasn’t necessary.  Why, you’re probably wondering?  Because not everyone intentionally tries to come off as a mean person.  You don’t want to be a mean person, either, so just politely refuse the offer.

This is just my opinion.


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