My Similarity to Bella Swan

Good evening, bloggers.  It’s great to be back.  As I’ve mentioned in my first post, I’ve been reading a few books at a time.  Yes, it can be overwhelming.  I’d get caught up in one book, yet I’d want to read the other, and the next one, and so forth.  Who hasn’t been there, right?  I recalled all the Young Adult books I used to read when I was younger.  Eventually, I’d moved on from them.  It’s common for the mind to mature, after all, so it has nothing to do with losing interest in that particular genre.  Sometimes, we just need to explore a different area.

As writers, we all need to read books from every genre as much as we can, so I recently decided that I was going to read the first book from the “Twilight” saga.  After watching the movie–which honestly put me to sleep–I told myself that the book has to be better than that.  But that’s just my opinion.  There are others that prefer the movie over the book and vice versa, so that’s okay.

My sisters have read the book before I did and I recall their being annoyed with Bella’s character.  As I got to know her character, I realized that she and I are alike in some ways, especially when I was reading the ending of the book.  For those of you who have read the book, you already know about Bella’s child-like irritation when she discovers that Edward was taking her to the prom.  She complained about having to dress up and having her hair and make-up done, not to mention the one stiletto heel that she called “a death trap.”  Yes, I have to admit that I found it humorous because I was the same way when I was a teenager.  I remember my first Valentine’s Day dance with my first boyfriend and my complaining about having to wear a dress and heels.  “I don’t want to wear these shoes,” I complained while getting ready for the dance.  High heels, low heels, I didn’t care.  I didn’t want to wear them.  I didn’t want to wear make-up or put my long, stringy hair up.  Just like Bella, I couldn’t dance, either.  To make a long story short, I actually had a great time during the dance.  I still didn’t like the shoes, but it was worth it.  I left my hair down, by the way.  As for my prom night, I went through the same, dramatic process of getting ready.  However, it was worth it.

I have to admit, the novel wasn’t so bad.  Again, I found it humorous that I have a similarity to Bella Swan.  We both were such dramatic teenagers and I’m glad that that’s over with.  It was no wonder my sisters didn’t like her character.  She reminded them of someone, but who?  I still don’t like to dress up, but at least I’m not so bad when I need to change my appearance on occasions.


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